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Quality Printers & Cartridges can supply your business with printer, fax and photocopier hardware. We have access to all brands and models and most are not available through normal retail outlets..



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Ex-demo Machines

Quality Printers & Cartridges specialises in sourcing ex-demo printer, fax and photocopier hardware.

You're probably asking what is an ex-demo device?

This is a printer, fax, photocopier or plotter that has been "test driven" and almost brand new. You can a liken it to an ex-demo vehicle. These devices are in perfect working order, yet must be sold at a heavily discounted price, as they are no longer "brand new".

Managed Print Services ( MPS )

If you want to take the hassle of ordering, maintenance and servicing your office fleet, then a Managed Print Service is your solution. Managed Print Service is having your device completely looked after by Quality Printers & Cartridges





Incorporate the convenience of ordering your cartridges and office equipment with paper from Quality Printers & Cartridges .

With premium business paper supplied to you, we ensure its environmentally friendly, safe to your printer and provides quality output.

As part of the QPCA quality assurance procedure we run a 5-10 page test on every single cartridge we produce. As you can imagine this means we go through a lot of paper and we need a high quality paper that reduces the wear and tear on our test machines.