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Quality Printer Cartridges can supply your business with printer, fax and photocopier hardware. We have access to all brands and models and most are not available through normal retail outlets.

These range from small faxes and laser printers to large multifunction devices, plotters and 3D printers.

The benefit you receive with us is we use a 12 point printer analysis to ensure we match the right device to your workload and budget. With so many devices and brands in the marketplace, it can be confusing on where to start for the right device and ensure your running costs are kept to a minimum.

The key to purchasing the correct office equipment is receiving the right advice.

With over 17 years experience in the industry and winning multiple awards, we

have an excellent understanding and knowledge of all brands and models. Together

with our knowledge and 12 point printer analysis, this ensures you will receive the right device for your needs.

Along with our recommendation, there are times we can offer a “no obligation, free trial” of the device to ensure you are 100% satisfied before you make your investment.

When making your investment, there are generally two options; purchase outright or rent.

If you can’t afford to purchase your office equipment outright, you can save your capital,

spread your costs and take advantage of the tax benefits associated with renting office

equipment. If you purchase outright or rent, you can also benefit from a Managed Print Service.

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