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Centurion Doors - Wangara
Dave Pink

I am perfectly happy just the way things are with using Quality Printer Cartridge as our supplier. They were an existing supplier when I joined Centurion Doors but I have been using Quality Printers & Cartridges for 5 years and have never had an issue with a single cartridge, says it all!
Quality Printers & Cartridges have good service, good products and are a very efficient company to deal with. Using the Online Ordering System it is very easy to order and they provide friendly service.
I find Quality Printers & Cartridges to be just as good as larger suppliers for product price and better service than the larger outlets.
Quality Printers & Cartridges are a very reputable company, and they always deliver the goods on time. I would rate them a 9/10 because nobody is perfect......nobody :)

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WA School Of Pathology
Carol Bracewell
Photocopier Perth

Quality Printers & Cartridges are a very local business, which were just around the corner from our office so we decided to give them a go.
I am really happy with the service, especially the fact that I can call them with any problems and nothing is too hard for them to help with. I also find that if I ring them to ask something, they can sort it straight away leaving us with very minimal downtime. Whenever I asked of anything from them, they always deliver which is really good. I find Jason to be really helpful with any issues or questions we have, and has been ever since the first time we used Quality Printers & Cartridges . I am also really happy with the price of the cartridges and the Premium Plus cartridges are good quality
My previous suppliers were all about money, I know a business is about earning money and making a profit but also there should be customer service in there as well which I found was a bit hard to get from our previous supplier whereas Quality Printers & Cartridges are all about customer service.
All the staff at Quality Printers & Cartridges are lovely people to deal with and are all very professional. I would rate them a 10 out of 10 for their professionalism!
I am really happy all round with Quality Printers & Cartridges so, I would definitely recommend other business to get on board and give them a go.
They sell Quality Printers & Cartridges with fast next day delivery , the company name " Quality Printers & Cartridges " tells the story!

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Westmount Securities
Maire Gomes
Client Service Officer
Photocopier Perth

We were looking to recycle our empty cartridges when a representative of Quality Printers & Cartridges dropped off a flyer stating that QPC specialised in recycling cartridges.
In addition to recycling the cartridges, the most important thing we like about Quality Printers & Cartridges is the prompt service they provide. If we have any problems or issues, they are dealt with straight away, especially when we are having printing problems. Quality Printers & Cartridges always exceed our expectations. Recently we had some issues while printing a large mail merge print job. QPC got it sorted and fixed within a day, which for us is really important.
The Premium Plus cartridges we purchase from Quality Printers & Cartridges are good quality, just as good as any of the other compatible cartridges, and the majority of the cartridges have been perfect.
Quality Printers & Cartridges are the only supplier we have used for remanufactured cartridges and we haven't had any reason to try anywhere else. We have been very happy with the service provided and are very happy to be recycling.
The value is great; we are saving sometimes up to $100 per cartridge. As well as the saving on the cost difference between the Premium Plus and the original price we also get more prints from the Premium Plus cartridges than we were getting from the compatible refills. I think we save somewhere between $50- $100 per cartridge so that is a big saving for us.
The reputation and professionalism of Quality Printers & Cartridges is outstanding, they have won so many awards now; it's such a great company! I would rate them a 10 out of 10! We can't fault them. We have had excellent service.
We haven't any complaints; there is nothing I can think of that Quality Printers & Cartridges need to improve on. The Online Ordering System is great and delivery is always quick.
We would definitely recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to other businesses and have recommended QPC before. In fact, one of the companies I have recommended QPC to is now a happy customer.

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Asthma Foundation WA
Meisha Maloney

The reason we started using Quality Printers & Cartridges initially was because of the prices. We went back and forth with another company and Quality Printers & Cartridges offered the best quotes.
The Premium Plus cartridges are very acceptable and I have found the value of their product, service and reputation to be very good. I am very happy with the way they reward their customers with gifts and giveaways and things like that as well.
Idecided to use the Automated Ordering Program because it is easy and efficient. I am very happy with this System as it doesn't waste time, especially in my position as it is my job to replace all the toners. I would recommend Automated Ordering Service to other businesses.

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Southern Land Rover
Karly Alison
Photocopier Perth

Quality Printers & Cartridges offered us a discount on our printer cartridges once coming onto a supply agreement, which also came with a service called Automated Ordering Program. I am pretty happy with the quality and the value of their cartridges. Since being on the Automated Ordering Cartridge Program it saves a lot of time as I don't have to re-order the cartridges. This program is handy to have and I would say give it a go.

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McInerney Ford
Perry Sardelic
Financial Controller

We were referred to Quality Printers & Cartridges as we have been meaning to upgrade our printers for a while. Lisa came out to do a complimentary onsite fleet analysis. It was excellent, Lisa was very very helpful and went through everything with me, showing how much my current fleet was costing, how much I could save and increase the dealerships productivity with the recommended devices and consolidation of our printing fleet. This made it much easier for me to grasp and understand how the upgrade would help the dealership.
Before dealing with Quality Printers & Cartridges everyone had their own printers. We also had two big Copiers but they were very old and would constantly break down and they had little functionality without scan to email, etc. So after speaking with Lisa we decided to get rid of the individual desk printers and outdated copier machines and since then everything is moving much better now. The printers are much faster, it can scan, fax and email so it is just way better than what we had before.
I am also on a Supply and Maintenance agreement with my HP LJ CM 6040 and HP LJ 4345 printer; this means my cartridges prices are locked in at a good rate along with complimentary servicing and parts. This gives me peace of mind knowing if there is a problem, then it's just a quick phone call to Quality Printers & Cartridges to solve. A service that is part of the agreement is using the Automated Ordering System where Quality Printers & Cartridges receives an alert when the cartridge is low and it automatically comes out. Before using this program the staff was just ordering as they needed, there was no real control over who was ordering what and who from. Now with the Automated Ordering System it is much more convenient as we haven't had anybody run out of toner and its streamlined the whole process.
The monitoring has been great as we don't have to check the levels anymore. We have a few different departments within the company and due to this we had a few issues with who made the order or what department the orders where going to but soon enough with the help of Lisa it was sorted and made customized to what we needed.
Since being with Quality Printers & Cartridges the service has been excellent and certainly the prices of the cartridges are competitive with others. Lisa has been very hands on, very helpful and knows everything. Since dealing with Lisa I know that nothing is too much trouble for her. The staff are always very friendly and helpful.
We have noticed significant savings in the office expenses since the upgrade. Lisa has always demonstrated the qualities of major concern backed up by good service.
would recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges and the Automated Ordering System as they will help you get organised with the billing and stock of cartridges. It has definitely made it a lot easier for us.

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Lawton Gillon
Frances Crewe

We were in the market for a new photocopying machine, as we had done business with Quality Printers & Cartridges previously, we chose to purchase a machine through them.
We are satisfied with the value of their product. We use the remanufactured cartridges and have had no problems with them. We are very happy with the service Quality Printers & Cartridges provides.
When we brought the new machine, we went onto a Rental, Supply and Maintenance agreement. This has been great as we get complimentary servicing and parts.
Part of being on the agreement involves installing a program called the Automated Ordering System. This program is excellent! This program means Quality Printers & Cartridges receives an alert to notify them that our toner is running low.
We have found this program is beneficial to us as prior to coming onto this program we would often have to many spare toners sitting on the shelves. Since the toner cartridges only get ordered when they are required, this no longer happens. The best part of the Automated Ordering System is I don't have to worry about when the toners are running low; they just come in time for when we need them.
If anyone asks who we use to supply our toner cartridges I will refer them to Quality Printers & Cartridges and would also recommend the Automated Ordering Program.

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PSS Group
Sarah Debono
Photocopier Perth

I found out about Quality Printers & Cartridges by word of mouth and since then we have being loving all of the services they provide.
When Lisa first came out and spoke with Chris we were using little desktop printers. These printers were no longer doing what we need them to do so Lisa gave us a proposal on a much bigger machine. The machine we now have is the HP LJ CM 6040 MFP and we love it.
The output is really good, this machine can scan to email and the faxing ability works better for the type of jobs we do. The other bonus is since this machine is such a large one the cartridges last longer than the desktop printers do and this saves us heaps of money!
When we brought this machine we came onto a program called Automated Ordering. This has been great as we don't have to worry about ordering replacement cartridges or checking stock levels. Since Quality Printers & Cartridges monitor our toner levels for us we now don't have that layover of waiting to get the new cartridge as it just arrives in time for when we need to replace it.
Before coming onto the Automated Ordering Program we used to keep toners in stock (in fact we still have the desktop printer consumables in stock still) so this definitely stops us from having all that money just sitting on the shelves.
Since being with Quality Printers & Cartridges I have found that the quality and value of their Premium Plus cartridges are really good. I would give them and 10 out of 10 for their service.
If you haven't invested in a big machine like ours through Quality Printers & Cartridges and aren't on the Automated Ordering program, I would say you should definitely take a look at it as it will save you time and money!

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Joondalup Business Association Inc
Clive Haddow

I saw Quality Printers & Cartridges around a lot as they seem to be quite active in the market place. The reason why I decided to use them was because when I phoned up Lisa would always respond to me quickly, so I didn't have to wait a long for an answer.
I find that Quality Printers & Cartridges deliver on customer service and if they say they are going to do something they will actually do it.
Lisa came out to do a complimentary onsite fleet analysis and came up with the best printer for our needs. We now have a HP LJ M4345 MFP printer. Since having this printer it is going really good and is working quite well. We did have some difficulties when we switched over to Telstra lines; however Jason and my IT guy Darren worked together and got this fixed in no time.
We have little desktop printers and now we find that we don't use them that often now because we don't think it makes sense to keep replacing the toner cartridges in those little printers as the cost involved are crazy compared to a centralized machine like the HP LJ M4345 Printer!
Part of coming onto the Agreement for the printer you not only get complimentary parts and servicing but you also have the Automated Ordering Program installed. I like this program as we don't have to worry about having to phone up and say “I have ran out of ink”. Since being on this program it saves us time and effort as with just having a part timer worker that comes in 3 days a week I don't get time to go out and order all these toners or to check that everything is still up and running, so the Automated Ordering Program is great I find that it is a very good convenience tool.
Since being with Quality Printers & Cartridges we have had no problems with their Premium Plus cartridges and I like the added extras they do like remembering peoples birthdays to sending bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates.
I would give them a 9 out of 10 for their professionalism and service because of the added extras mentioned above but also because when you ring up you can get a hold of a human being not a Voice Activated System and that to me makes it a lot easier!
I would try and convince any who isn't using Quality Printers & Cartridges to go straight onto the Automated Ordering Program and to go through them because of the conveniency and the fact that you don't have to think to hard with them. I would also try and convince people to go to a centralized printer because having little printers on your desktop doesn't make sense to me anymore.

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Anything Telephones & Data
Bruce Lord
Administration Manager
Photocopier Perth

Quality Printers & Cartridges bought a phone system from us and from then on it has been very reciprocal as we have been buying cartridges from them.
Quality Printers & Cartridges is a very good business and I am happy with the general service they provide. The ordering system and delivery times are very good, so we are happy with the all round service provided by them. I especially liked the service on my birthday, I placed an order in the morning and it was delivered with my birthday gift 2 hours later.
The Premium Plus cartridges we order from Quality Printers & Cartridges are good quality. Their reputation and the professionalism are very good as they are always interested in their customers. I would rate their professionalism a 9 out of 10 as no one is perfect.
I can't think of anything that they could do any better; they are doing very well so I would definitely recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to other businesses.

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KT Pipelines - Barrow Island
Andrew Watson
Snr Materials Controller

I have found that the Premium Plus cartridges are reliable 99.9999% of the time which is great. I can't fault the value nor the service from the whole team. Their after sales service has been superb, they have never left me high and dry and there has never been a time that I have been let down by Quality Printers & Cartridges .
Their reputation and professionalism is amazing. I think that this is something every business should strive to achieve and certainly by the amount of awards that Quality Printers & Cartridges have won they must be doing something right!
Bec called me up and mentioned the Automated Ordering Program, this program is set up so Quality Printers & Cartridges will receive an alert when the cartridges and parts in our printers get to 20%, this then will be automatically ordered (once we supply them with our Purchase Order number) and then delivered.
Since I work on a remote Island off the WA Coast supplies can take up to 3 months to reach us from date of order due to Quarantine Restrictions from the Mainland. By having the Automated Ordering Program in place we have been able to ensure we never run out of cartridges or parts.
I am also on a Supply and Maintenance agreement with my HP LJ CM 6040 printers; this means my cartridges prices are locked in at a good rate along with complimentary parts. I think the Supply and Maintenance agreement along with the Automated Ordering Service is a great idea and I would never want to be without it again.
If you aren't using Quality Printers & Cartridges or on the Automated Ordering Program I would say "Just do it".
It's free!
It's increasingly hard to find a reliable person in your office to let you know when they have changed over a toner. Before I was on the Automated Ordering Service this was the case. I would go home but there would be people staying back at work and if the machine ran out of toner they would just pop another one in and not tell anyone, then before I knew it we would be out of toner and have to wait around 3 months for a replacement as mentioned earlier.
After meeting Jason, Lisa and Bec you feel like a friend and not a customer when you call. They all have a twisted sense of humour which is great and you can have a good laugh with them. However when an issue arises and needs to be sorted out they will throw on the "Pro Hat" and we knuckle down and sort the problem out.
I also have one Canon machine here on site and it's a pain in the butt to get toners and parts for it because of the contract that was set up. What Quality Printers & Cartridges have set up is perfect for this job.
Thanks especially to Bec for being the best Customer Liaison person I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Also a thanks to Jason for his great support when things have gone south a bit and he will then do a video on how to solve the problem so I can remotely sort things out.

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Liquor Traders Australia
Simon Ashby
Minesite Co-ordinator
Photocopier Perth

I contacted Quality Printers & Cartridges after seeing them on the internet. They are quite a professional company who are on top of everything. Their customer service is good and the delivery times are really quick. I have found the prices and customer service has set Quality Printers & Cartridges above our previous suppliers.
The value of the service is great and the Premium Plus cartridges are satisfactory, they definitely do the job! There was a time that Quality Printers & Cartridges really exceeded our expectations, we needed some new cartridges and they delivered them to us the same day which was a big help. The service is above average, really can't complain about anything.
I would recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to other businesses, as I am pretty happy with everything, its overall really good!

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Carmel Conway-Mortimer
Photocopier Perth

Quality Printers & Cartridges are a really convenient business as we are just down the road and liked the prices they offered. The rapport is much better than our previous suppliers and they also keep us informed about everything.
The quality of the Premium Plus cartridges are good, we are very happy with them and we definitely do save money buying them.
There has been a few times where Jason has delivered our orders to us personally which he didn't have to do and I like the fact that my birthday is remembered and I receive a nice birthday gift. It makes me feel like I'm not just another number.
Quality Printers & Cartridges are very professional, especially with the fact that they give out their newsletters and always keep us informed about things. I also like that they send us an email reminder free of charge that jolts our memory to check we have stock. I would rate the reputation and professionalism an 9 out of 10 and would definitely recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to other businesses.

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North Coast Auto & Marine Electrics
Mandy Dobson

We contacted Quality Printers & Cartridges as we were having problems with our Brother printer. From then on we were happy with the service they provided and the prices. They are very friendly and I love ringing up and getting service from Quality Printers & Cartridges because they are very helpful
The quality of the Premium Plus cartridges are very good, we are very happy with the toners. They are really good with their prices and the cartridges last a long time. I am not sure as of yet how much we save since buying through Quality Printers & Cartridges but I do know we save a lot
I would give them 8 out of 10 as I am happy with the service. I find they are very friendly and very helpful when I ring up and ask a question.
I think Quality Printers & Cartridges are very helpful, and if a business isnt a client of theirs, I would tell them to go with Quality Printers & Cartridges because they are excellent.

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Pullman Resort Bunker Bay
Lynn Eisele
Photocopier Perth

Lisa & Jason approached us when they came down our way and had really competitive prices. They were very comparable with where we were purchasing from before, so we were happy with the prices they offered
I love dealing with Quality Printers & Cartridges , the staff are very nice people and the ordering is just so simple as I use my easy online order form. With a touch of a button and in 2 minutes I've got my order done. I have also had my orders delivered personally by Lisa and Jason a couple of times which is great, they are very nice people
Using the Premium Plus cartridges, I find that I'm not placing as many orders. I am using the high capacity cartridges and getting a lot more pages out of each cartridge. I have had no trouble at all with the cartridges and I just like the friendliness of Lisa. I can't fault anything, from the ordering system to the delivery and the cartridge usage. Due to not ordering anywhere near as many cartridges are now saving us a significant amount of money.
I think it is good how a couple of times Quality Printers & Cartridges have contacted me saying Lisa and Jason are coming down our way and happy to deliver any cartridges, that has really exceeded my expectations as they don't have to do it
I would be more than happy to recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to anyone I know that could make use of cartridges.

Quality Printers & Cartridges Perth

Duxton Hotel
Josh Young
Assistant Purchasing Manager
Quality Printers & Cartridges Perth

We started using Quality Printers & Cartridges as we like to deal with local based companies, since using them I have found we are getting much better service and we get the pleasure of dealing with the owners as well. I love the service they provide right down to their small sales team as they always help out and are always contactable.
I am using the Premium Plus Cartridges and to be honest I can't tell the difference between them and the Original cartridges. Their cartridges compete very well with any other product we used to get elsewhere and the quality of the product is just as good as the Original.
We had been deciding to go onto the Automated Ordering Program since we first started with Quality Printers & Cartridges and I can see great benefits in the long term for us, the purchasing team and the hotel as we are now reducing what we carry on the shelf. We used to keep stock on hand but now the Automated Ordering just eliminates that which will save us around 10 - 15% across the board.
Quality Printers & Cartridges have the correct information available to us when we have a questions, and I feel that you are dealing with specialist that understand the product. We had a printer service through them and decide to ask if we could have a Service Agreement. Being on the service agreement meant that we can have our printers maintained without us even doing anything. I would say that we have spent thousands of dollars over the years from buying new printers, where all we could have done was spend a couple hundred dollars and maintained them which would have eliminated that extra cost.
Since we aren't in that field we wouldn't know what needs replacing or how much part are but now I am dealing with a company that understand the product and part, which is great as now we can now cut back on what we are spending!
As I mentioned Quality Printers & Cartridges are a local company so we get the cartridges next day even sometimes same day! Their prices are extremely competitive and they are very knowledgeable about their business and know what we are looking for, I would give them a 9 out of 10.
If you are not on the Automated Ordering Service you are missing out on a massive benefit because it takes away the day to day extras that we are maybe required to do. The program automatically reads the machine and lets them know when something is required. I have found this eliminates down time in the office and also lets us provide extra services for our guests.
Now that we are on a Service Agreement we know that they will always be maintaining the printers and cartridges to insure that it is in working order.
We have noticed a difference in dealing with Quality Printers & Cartridges compared to buying through a wholesaler. The prices are more competitive, they are a local company and the service is just more of a one on one and doesn't feel like you are just another order. I would recommend them to everyone .

Quality Printers & Cartridges Perth

The Drill Shop
David Davies
Stock Controller

Quality Printers & Cartridges supply us with remanufactured cartridges made in their factory which we have found saves us a lot in costs, as we use to buy genuine products. The quality of the Premium Plus product is certainly there and the value of the product has been excellent.
I like how Quality Printers & Cartridges recycle the empty cartridges whereas our previous supplier didn't and the cost factor is definitely a plus. I find they go the extra step as when it was my birthday; I received a bottle of wine which was very nice. The service has been excellent and I would rate the reputation and professionalism of their service at 9 out of 10.
If I was asked by another business who my current supplier was, I would certainly say that we were dealing with Quality Printers & Cartridges and they provide very good service.

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Quality Printers & Cartridges Perth

Quality Printers & Cartridges Perth

Quality Printers & Cartridges Perth

Quality Printers & Cartridges Perth