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Kleen West Distributors
Glenn Harrold
Purchasing Officer

Quality Printers & Cartridges is just down the road from us so I went to see if they could help me. When I was there I found out not only did they remanufacture the cartridges but also collect and recycle the empties
The general quality of the Premium Plus cartridges are good. The reputation and professionalism is very good, never had any issues with it. I would rate it a 9 out of 10
We haven't had any issues with Quality Printers & Cartridges and I find they are very good to deal with so I would recommend them to other businesses.

Agostino Wholesalers
Agnes Andersen

I wanted to support a local company and as Quality Printers & Cartridges are just around the corner we decided to go ahead with them.
We also found that the prices are good and the service is fantastic. They are not pushy and they are always helpful, especially when I have questions. We had a time when the drum went and I couldn't print anything. Quality Printers & Cartridges were able to get me one quickly which allowed us to continue with our printing.
The value of your product is fantastic and the quality of the Premium Plus cartridges are good. We used to go through Officeworks for our cartridges and the difference per cartridge was $10.
I always mention their name to the businesses around me. I would rate reputation and professionalism of Quality Printers & Cartridges 12 out of 10. Some business are so set in their ways they have their regular supplier, however, I think you should give these guys a call as they are just round the corner. I can't fault them!

Rendezvous Hotel Perth
Rochelle Phelps
Purchasing Officer

We receive the Premium Plus cartridges which are great. I have had no problem with these cartridges and have had no complaints from the other departments.
The service that Quality Printers & Cartridges provides is excellent; I would give them a 10 out of 10.
Quality Printers & Cartridges monitor all our toners on Automated Ordering and all we need to do is supply a PO Number and everything is completed.
Since been on this program we are never worrying that a department is going to run out of toner, so it takes that complete hassle away. We are also on a Supply Agreement which coincides with the Automated Ordering. The agreement is great as we know that we are set up with good pricing and the pricing won't change for the term of the agreement.
From a purchasing point of view being with Quality Printers & Cartridges and having the Automated Ordering program just takes the headache out of ordering and they are on consistent pricing which I like.
I would definitely recommend going onto a supply agreement and Automated ordering, Quality Printers & Cartridges is great and has really friendly service with a great team.

Roundtree Timber & Lattice Pty Ltd
Nick Cheang
General Manager

Your service was what got us on board in the beginning as we received a flyer in the mail saying you pick up empties cartridges
I think your business is really great as you deliver the next day and I find you have extremely reliable service
The premium plus cartridges are working well. We had some really bad ones which came across from a eastern states company some time ago but since been with Quality Printers & Cartridges so far we have been pretty happy.
I think You have satisfied me better than previous suppliers because whenever we have an issue you always have follow up calls and actually get result. Also the fact that you guys recycle empty cartridges is just great!
The professionalism within your company is great, we get called from a team member and it is always friendly and not as confronting. I would rate the reputation & professionalism of Quality Printers & Cartridges a 10 out of 10.
I am pretty happy with everything and If a business was not a client of yours yet I would say definitely give you guys a go

353 Rokeby Partnership
Holly Cordell

Bruce the owner had a conversation with Lisa and told the people in the office that Quality Printers & Cartridges are at the top of their field. Since being with them we have had no problems with the cartridges they provide. They are great as we have good print outs and it all runs smoothly.
We heard about an Automated Ordering Cartridge Program and love it; this keeps track of the cartridges and saves me time having to worry about ordering. The convenience of it is just what we need as there are 7 partners in this office and they are all in at different times so it's hard to communicate when someone needs a cartridge. This program streamlines it all and makes it all consistent.
It has just made one less thing to worry about, keeps the accounts side handy and keeps track of the toners. I find this process has been very easy. Automated Ordering is really great and it just saves time. We are also on a Supply and Maintenance Agreement which is perfect for us as we not only get complimentary servicing and parts but we also get our prices locked in so they never go up. If I have a problem or need something, they always come out straight away. It is really great. In general the whole maintenance is really good.
I find your service fantastic. You come out and touch base, which I think is really good, as I then get to put a face to the name. It has been really really good and if I need to tell them about something it is always a fast response and always helps me. They are very helpful I don't really know why any wouldn't be on Automated Ordering as it is very very handy. There is nothing I could complain about Quality Printers & Cartridges as we have had no troubles and I am happy with everything.

Armadale Mower World
Chris Round

I found Quality Printers & Cartridges website and contacted them through an email as we were trying to find a new supplier because our current one was really bad. Once we were quoted we decided to use them as we liked their service and prices.
They are very, very professional, with a lot of surprises, such as, Gift Vouchers to restaurants, cards for anniversary's and birthday's along with a bottle of wine. These are professional things you don't expect from a printer cartridge company that's for sure.
Their Cartridges are top quality, better than genuine's and are good value for money as we are getting really good time out of them. We go through 10-12 cartridges per year and they are about $10-$15 cheaper. This works out to save around $150 a year.
The service they provide is very valuable and the online ordering system is brilliant. The professionalism of this company is above anyone else we have dealt with, top class all across the board.
I find Quality Printers & Cartridges trustworthy. The products they supply work well and they are worth the money. There are no pressure sales which is the main thing, because unlike our old suppliers who were based over in eastern states, they would send out 3 new cartridges every month.
After 6 months I called up and questioned it. They said it was an "order plan" that we had apparently agreed to as well as having set orders and minimum order amounts. I wasn't happy as I would prefer to order only when they need replacing. So the way Quality Printers & Cartridges work is much better and they exceeded my expectations all the time.
I would rate Quality Printers & Cartridges a 10 out of 10! Every experience we have had has been great, and have nothing negative to say!!
We would recommend them for sure, as you would get better prices, better quality product and better service. We are absolutely happy with Quality Printers & Cartridges

Dynamco - Melbourne
Raelene Aloneftis
Sales and Administration

Dynamco in Perth has been ordering from Quality Printers & Cartridges for a while and the Perth branch took over our division of Dynamco in Melbourne. We merged with them so we started ordering from them as well.
Your company is very reliable and I find that it's very easy to order as I have an icon on my front desk where I can just log in and order what I want.
I can say that I have never had a problem with the quality of your Premium Plus cartridges.
The value of your product and service is very good and we save at least 20% buying cartridges from you.
From what I have seen so far I love the service you provide. If a company isn't using Quality Printers & Cartridges I would say how about you try them, you should give them a go!

Smiths Beach Resort

Lisa & Jason had their wedding at our resort and sent through prices which we found to be cheaper than Toner Plus, who we were buying through before. I like that a tree gets planted each time we order and the team are friendly.
Quality Printers & Cartridges are always helpful, friendly, professional and I love the online order form. The order form makes it so simple to get our orders done. The order we place can arrive within 24 hours which when living in the Margaret River Wine Region that's makes a big difference when it's usually a 7 day wait.
The quality of the Premium Plus cartridges are really good and if a staff member from Quality Printers & Cartridges is on their way down to us , it is always good to get free freight.
If someone isn't a client of Quality Printers & Cartridges yet, I would say sign up!

Monadelphous Group Limited
Scott Bradshaw
Purchasing Officer

One of our acquired subsidiary companies was already purchasing through Quality Printers & Cartridges and gave me a good recommendation to obtain quoting.
I find they are very professional and are a friendly group of staff, always willing to provide excellent service and assistance. I find the value of your product and service is excellent along super friendly staff also willing to help.
Our company purchases a lot of printers from Quality Printers & Cartridges and even though I haven't had my own personal experience with their printers, from what I have observed in some of our other divisions, they seem to be looking and running in quite an efficient manner.
I would highly recommend other businesses to give Quality Printers & Cartridges a go and at least obtain a quote or even give them a call to get a feel for the very efficient phone manner and subsequent assistance or support that they can provide.

MMT Mining Services
Garry Spouge

Our computer guru, Witold recommended us to use Quality Printers & Cartridges . The cartridges and service they provide are pretty good. I had some problems with my printer, and it got solved straight away. The team at Quality Printers & Cartridges do a good job and always make me laugh.
I am using the Automated Ordering Cartridge System and its great! This program is good due to not having any downtime, getting the cartridges when we need them and the ease of not having to manually order. One of the main points is that now I don't have as many cartridges in stock as we used it.
If a business is not currently using Quality Printers & Cartridges I would say give them a go and I would also recommend the Automated Ordering Cartridge System. It is worth it.

Galleria Toyota
Sara Broadhurst
Financial Controller

I have changed suppliers to Quality Printers & Cartridges with the last two companies I have worked at. I am extremely impressed with the customer service, speedy delivery and also the technology used. We now have our printers linked up to a system called Automated Ordering which means our toners are automatically ordered when they are running low.

Bedding Superstore - Balcatta

My boss orders the cartridges and he is happy with the price and then once we started using Quality Printers & Cartridges , it became the service that he liked as well. Quality Printers & Cartridges are very thorough, I like the service and I also like the mentos we get when the courier delivers our cartridges. The mentos are only small but they make a big difference.
The quality of the Premium Plus cartridges are good, especially when we are doing a lot of printing, as far as pictures are concerned and they come out spot on.
Your reputation and professionalism is really good. Quality Printer Cartridge are the best by far that I have dealt with, they are really thorough, always follow through on things and quick to get orders out. Quality Printers & Cartridges are efficient, reliable and have a good delivery time.
If a business isn't a client of Quality Printers & Cartridges yet I would say get on board as they are good value, have good service and have good mentos.

Affirmative Group
Sue Mchugh
Office Manager

We have dealt with Quality Printers & Cartridges for quite a few years, as we already had a printer that was supplied by them. We have found their service to be very good, and the quality of the cartridges are good
We have all these other suppliers ringing us constantly and wanting us to purchase stock from them but I am happy with the purchasing from Quality Printers & Cartridges . I am happy with the value of service and the professionalism is perfect. I have no problems at all dealing with Quality Printers & Cartridges , they are lovely.
I would say definitely give Quality Printers & Cartridges a go.

Franc Essential
Chantal Vanderhaeghen

I met Lisa at a business group, loved who she was, what she presented and offered. I really enjoy working with QPC because they say as they do, always very warm and friendly and no matter how big or small your order is, there is always good and prompt service. If there are any issues or questions they are there immediately for you. I appreciate this quick response, as when something goes down you want it done right there and then, not in the next few days.
The quality of the Premium Plus cartridges are very good. I m finding they are giving me good quality colour (which is not always the case with other brands and suppliers). The cartridges print out the colour that is actually on my screen which is what I personally like. The service is high quality, the value of your product is high & good value for money as well.
I really enjoy dealing with QPC and I really appreciate the way they treat me. The reputation and professionalism is very high as I find that they do as they say which I find is very important in my life. I am only a small client, however, there is always respect for who I am as QPC do not differentiate between size or financial size of the company you are dealing with.
I would highly recommend you to get in touch with Quality Printers & Cartridges , as you will find you will appreciate working with them, receive excellent service and very good value financially as well as emotionally. I would suggest other companies to phone now, you would not regret it..!

Dynamco Pty Ltd
Jody Chivers

The reason we started using you as our supplier is through personal networking and have found you to always have excellent service, friendly people and quality product. The quality of the Premium Plus cartridges are excellent. Reputation and professionalism is fantastic and I would highly recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to other businesses.

Black Swan Real Estate
Nathan Ejindu

I have been using Quality Printers & Cartridges as our supplier for 3 years and since then Lisa and Jason have always looked after me. Your business is very local with very good customer service. The product is good quality and I am happy with the good level of service, as being a real estate agent, service is really important to me. I am very happy with the quality of the cartridges we purchase from you, it definitely compares well to other supplies. You are very good with customer service and will save a lot of time and money. If a business is not using Quality Printers & Cartridges right now, I would say to give Quality Printers & Cartridges a try!

Community Pharmacy - Glenhuntly

We got recommended by our Mt Waverley store to start using Quality Printers & Cartridges . You are a great business, with good customer service and very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Your products are great value and quick and efficient service. The delivery is always within 1-2 business days which is excellent service
You are a great company with great prices and service as well as being extremely professional with an excellent reputation.
You are not pushy salespeople, but helpful and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to any business that needs printer toners at a great price and quick service.

Jamie Sheild

Quality Printers & Cartridges is environmental friendly, as all of the cartridges are being recycled.
I found the Premium Plus cartridges to be good value and the online ordering system is easy to use.
The staff that I have dealt with at Quality Printers & Cartridges have been very professional and extremely helpful. Their service and delivery times are prompt and efficient. I would recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to other businesses.

Instant gardens
Lesley Walker

Quality Printers & Cartridges are a very convenient business and located fairly close to us. Qualtiy Printer Cartridges are very efficient and the products they supply are always delivered on time.
The Premium Plus cartridges are very good, they save me at least a couple of hundred dollars per year.
The professionalism of the staff and service is excellent so would I say to give Quality Printers & Cartridges a go!

Mania National - Subiaco
Anastassia Choutova
Executive Assistant

Quality Printers & Cartridges always deliver everything on time so we are happy using them as our supplier.
I like the their quality of cartridges, as they are good and they last for a while.
Overall I find Qualtiy Printer Cartridges to be a very good company and I would suggest other business to try Qualtiy Printer Cartridges out.

NSL Consolidated Ltd
Dana O Meara
Office Manager

I came across Qualtiy Printer Cartridges website when I did an internet search on cartridge suppliers. I liked the spiel on the recycling of products and that Qualtiy Printer Cartridges are a local business.
I found that their delivery is very fast, and a very efficient company, they always provide a friendly service. I think the quality of the cartridges I order are fantastic and I save about 10-15% each order which is extremely competitive within the current market.
Quality Printers & Cartridges consistently offers great alternatives to standard providers. I am yet to have an issue with any of my orders, supplys and deliverys. I am really satisfied with Quality Printers & Cartridges .
I find the reputation to be highly regarded and I really like the personable approach to everything. I like all the staff from Quality Printers & Cartridges that I have contact with.
All deliveries are made by a personable company representative who clearly believes highly in the company, as opposed to a non-committed courier who drops in, tell you to sign here and leave.
I would say definitely have a look at their website and check out what Quality Printers & Cartridges is about and how their company is different to the standard printer/copier/fax supply and service company

Diane Feven

The reason we started using Quality Printers & Cartridges initially was because of the prices. I found the staff to be very helpful and you are always willing to fix a problem.
The Premium Plus cartridges have very good quality and I have found the value of their product and service to be very good, that is why we have stayed usiong Quality Printers & Cartridges .
Quality Printers & Cartridges are always willing to help in any way possible including prices, services and any queries.
I find the reputation and professional to be very high and if a business is not using them right now, I would say to give Quality Printers & Cartridges a try!

Narrelle Nock
Office Manager

I met Lisa through the Telstra Business Women's awards and was impressed by the concept of the company and the Automated Ordering System. The staff at Quality Printers & Cartridges are friendly, approachable and very helpful. The service has been excellent.
The free printer analysis that was undertaken to find a more appropriate printer for our business, this was extremely helpful and will save us a considerable amount of money in the long term.
Quality Printers & Cartridges are a very professional companyand always addresses any issues in a timely manner.
I would recommend businesses that aren't clients of theirs yet, to get Quality Printers & Cartridges out to do a free printer analysis on their printers.
Also I would recommend them for the Automated Ordering System.

Viva Photography - Balcatta
Gary Levy

The reason I am buying from Quality Printers & Cartridges is because of the simplicity of the Automated Ordering System. It makes it a hell of a lot easier, where I don't have to check the printer toner every time. What was generally happening prior to that was, we were running out of toner, and then we would have to order and wouldn't be able to print for a couple of days whilst we waited for the order to arrive.
Secondly I heard some really good things about their service. I was previously getting toners from a company which were just the generic compatibles and I had major issues with them, so I thought coming between the originals and the cheaper version, I would give the Premium Plus cartridges a go.
The quality of tjhe Premium Plus cartridges are great and what's better than that is I have had no issues with the actual printers themselves or the toner. Prior to the Premium Plus cartridges, I had loads of issues.
I don't even look at the dollar value anymore because of the service. To be honest, I actually love the service Quality Printers & Cartridges give, it's just huge. You wouldn't think from a company that provides printer toner that you will also receive a quality service. Just to know that a cartridge is going to be dropped off when the toners are down to 10% is just great. I had a few issues with one of my printers and in a couple of days it was fixed!
I believe the culture of the company is absolutely superb and it's a massive congratulations to Lisa and Jason of doing a great job of putting that culture in there. I'm inspired by the culture Quality Printers & Cartridges have there. We always push our culture and we always want to have a great environment. I think every angle of the company that I have watched from, when we first signed up to even today, is just always the same bubbly culture and service ability.
The Automated Ordering System is easy, we don't have to think about it and it is all compatible with the system. It is excellent and is just great to be monitored. We have a server that monitors everything, Quality Printers & Cartridges monitor our toners and it is just superb.
Since being on the Automated Ordering System I have noticed that we have space from not stocking our shelves. However, the biggest saver, besides the actual dollar value on the actual product, is my time.
So I have been able to save my time by

-Not having to look at when we need another cartridge,
-Not having to call up and order it
-Not having to go back through the files to find out what cartridge they are
and also what's even better is the increased productivity of staff.
As I mentioned before we were running out of toner and when we ran out of black toner we couldn't print for the whole day, so we can't print letters out or send direct mail out. So it is a huge money saver.
If I saw a business without the Automated Ordering System, I would ask them a few simple questions..
1) Do you want to be more productive?
2) Do you not want to have to think about your printer cartridges ever again?

and if the answer to that is yes... then I would say it's a no brainer.
Sam the courier is the best as well, he is brilliant. He is just so helpful and so willing to provide a solution. As an example, the printer went down on us the other day, we were having issues and Sam just took control to get it fixed. He was just like bang, bang, bang and within a couple of days it was solved. As a comparison, I had the manufacturer of the printer come out about a year ago. They charged us about $400 to do what Sam did; they fixed nothing and told me I needed a new printer.

Gnarabar, White Elephant Beach Cafe & Morries
Angela Giralt

For us, running out of toner is not an option, we are operating the back end of three restaurants/cafes through one office, and a lot of printing gets done!
Before coming across Lisa and Quality Printers & Cartridges through the Telstra Business Awards in 2011 we were constantly facing the problem of ordering cartridges ordered through local channels and taking up to ten days to arrive, and most of the time we didn't have ten days to wait!
Not only does Quality Printers & Cartridges deliver our cartridges to Margaret River the very next day, they are also a fraction of the price we had been paying.

Duckstein At Saracen Estates
Adele Discerni
General Manager

A lady came out to us and at that time we were having a really bad time with our original cartridges. We liked that you guys offered us a better product and better service.
Your business is great, I have never had a problem and I have been really satisfied with you guys. I like how the cartridges always arrive on time and are always in good working order.
Your Premium Plus cartridges are really good quality, and they are half the price of the cartridges we were getting before.
I find your reputation and professional to be good. If a business is not using you right now, I would say to give Quality Printers & Cartridges a go, I have and it has been great.

Hawkins Crushing Services & JJ Hawkins

My boss met Lisa at an event, so he said to me "hey talk to these guys about cartridges". I called up and I liked what you had to offer; your staff is friendly, competent and are very good people to work with.
The premium plus cartridges are very good quality and great pricing, they compare well to the genuine cartridges and as far as I can tell they are the same quality. Off the top of my head I save a good couple of $100 a year using your cartridges.
I am generally really happy with the service, friendly staff, and all round good facilities. It doesn't feel like a backyard operation; it looks like you're serious about this and that it is important to you.
Your professionalism is very, very high and I would recommend to other businesses to give Quality Printers & Cartridges a try!

Aquacare Carpet Cleaning
Alanna Carter

Quality Printers & Cartridges provided us with a new printer when our old one was down.
I found all staff members that we have contact with are friendly and efficient. Your service is prompt and the online ordering system is very easy.
We have had no issues with anything supplied by your company. I have not assessed this in a monetary value however by using your cartridges and service it saves our Administration staff time.
You look after your clients really well so I would definitely say give Quality Printers & Cartridges

Scooters & Buggies

Lisa came out to my office introducing herself and convinced us to get our cartridges through you. I am very happy using Quality Printers & Cartridges as I never have any dramas.
Everyone is always professional, friendly and efficient with great service. The quality and value of your premium plus cartridges are excellent; I haven't had any problems at all with them.
I would definitely recommend to other business to become a customer of Quality Printers & Cartridges . I am already happily spreading the word to people!

VCS Products
Ryan Brown

I received newsletters and other marketing tools. I liked the guarantees you advertise in there, as well as the price you quoted.
You are an efficient business; your service is very reliable and overall very good personal service.
The quality of your cartridges that we purchase are very good.
The professionalism of your service is also very good and I definitely would recommend other businesses to give you a try!

Transkool Refrigeration
Rhona Cunningham

Lisa came around and tapped on our door, introducing herself. We got to know both Lisa and Jason, then we came down to see the rest of the team and since then it has been fabulous.The quality of the cartridges we receive from you are good. It was great to meet Sam when he came around. He was the very first person to put the cartridges in for us, he stood there to make sure everything was working okay and to make sure we were happy with it before he left.
I think the value we get is as good as you can get for a printer. After buying cartridges from you, we came back and brought a printer and now we are in the process of buying another printer from you, so we do love to work with Quality Printers & Cartridges .
Your professionalism and reputation is absolutely fabulous, I think you are a great company to work for. Everyone is friendly and everyone goes out there to do what they do to make my job easier for me.
If you have a problem I would definitely say go and see Jason and Lisa, because they will fix it, there's nothing they can't fix and there is nothing they can't do. I love your business as you're easy to get along with.
You are an absolutely fabulous company to work with and I would recommend you to everyone. Keep up the good work as you are doing a fabulous job and I'm just glad Lisa tapped my door that day!

Alder Tapware
Vicki Roads

I decided to use the Automated Ordering Program because Jason suggested it when I brought the Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4345MFP from him.
I think it is a great program and it saves me worrying about checking stock constantly, I love it! It gives me a peace of mind knowing that that someone is checking it so I don't have to check what stock I've got.
The Automated Ordering Program has helped my company as now we don' t run out of ink or toner when we have hundreds of orders to print! Our business gets a lot of orders faxed through as well so the downtime wouldn't be too good and our clientele wouldn't be very happy if we ran out of toner. So I love the system.
If any business is not on the Automated Ordering Program, I would tell them to go for it and they're crazy if they don't - that way one of the staff is free from having to do that job. I think the professionalism and service is 100%, Quality Printers & Cartridges do a great service

Design Financial
Debbie Baker

I first discovered Quality Printers & Cartridges on the internet and I was initially interested in the replacement cartridges for saving the environment.
I found Quality Printers & Cartridges to be very attentive, they always follow things up and take responsibility and have fair prices. The value of their service is excellent and I think between the prices I used to pay for my cartridges and the price I pay now; I do pay a better price now.
I find the reputation and professional to be very good and the staffs at Quality Printers & Cartridges are always friendly and always on the ball.
I have experienced Quality Printers & Cartridges to have very good service and be very helpful so I definitely would say to give Quality Printers & Cartridges a go!
Even though we have a dodgy printer, through no fault of Quality Printers & Cartridges , I have always found their service really excellent. If I got another printer or I was with another business, I would still want to use Quality Printers & Cartridges as my supplier.

The Trophy House
Grant Vickery

The reason I started using Quality Printers & Cartridges initially was because it was convenient and they are part of the Wanneroo Business Association. I found their service to be quick, friendly and reliable and their product to be exceptional!
The staff at Quality Printers & Cartridges are very knowledgeable of their products, both cartridges and printers.
All the cartridges we have ordered from them have worked perfectly and we save at least a few hundred dollars per year by ordering cartridges from them. If a business is not using them right now, I would say to give Quality Printers & Cartridges a try!

Solar My World
Michele Lowe
Admin/Office Manager

Initially I started buying from Quality Printers & Cartridges because of the competitive pricing and good service. Their business is very good as ther service is very are efficient and prompt.
The quality of the cartridges that we purchase are very good, have not had any problems at all with them and the value of the product iand service is also good.
We're quite impressed with Qualtiy Printer Cartridges as we haven't had any problems, they're very prompt and we always get deliveries the next day which helps us obviously because I dont run completely low.
I definitely would recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to other businesses

Productive Plastics
Claire Forrest

We started using Quality Printers & Cartridges initially because I desperately needed a printer cartridge and they were the closest people to me and I just decided that it made more sense to me to keep using Quality Printers & Cartridges as they were just on our doorstep.
You have excellent and fast service which I love. If there is a problem, they always help me out straight away. I love the fact thatthey plant trees every time I buy a printer cartridge, so I must have a forest growing somewhere!
But also just the general service; I place the order and it arrives the next day, Sam, the courier, is really friendly. It's just really good all round service.
The quality of the Premium Plus cartridges have been absolutely fine, I have never had a problem with them and they are as good as genuine printer cartridges.
The value is very good, compared to the genuine printer cartridges, their product saves us a lot of money because we go through cartridges a lot.
Lastly, the service is excellent. When I ring to speak with Bec she is always really helpful and everyone is really friendly. If I need an order, really urgently they drop it off straight away and it's not problems at all.
I would highly recommend other businesses to use Quality Printers & Cartridges .

LRC Pty Ltd
Yvonne Domima

Since I have been using Quality Printers & Cartridges I have always found that the customer service they provide is top notch When they sent a card and lovely bottle of wine on my birthday , that was such a lovely surprise, especially since we are such a small customer. It really added a lift to my day - this went above and beyond Customer Service.
So once again, many many thanks, it is heartening to know that good old-fashioned care and service is still around.

Fridgair Industries

Beth Hewitt

Prior to using Quality Printers & Cartridges we were purchasing expensive brand name cartridges and there was no recycling of the old cartridges. Then having to race out to the shop to buy if they were not in stock!
Our major concern was the expense as our printer eats toner. Now as a result of using Quality Printers & Cartridges ourcosts are down and we are happy with both the recycling and the excellent service provided, especially the deliveryman, he's a lovely guy!

Oracle Group
Jody Williams

Prior to using Quality Printers & Cartridges we had multiple cheap version printers, which were good, but not superfast. Our major concern was the amount of space used on our desk for all these printers and that some people were having to get up and down out of their seat to put in the letterhead paper.
Now as a result of using Quality Printer Cartridge the money we spent on a new machine has taken away the time wespent fiddling and checking and now we have more space to do more work with a faster printer, without having to change the paper all the time.

Swiss Motors
Marco Ambuehl

Prior to using Quality Printers & Cartridges , we had to buy our cartridge supplies from a local retail outlet. Our major concern was running out of ink/toner at a critical time and not being able to obtain the correct cartridges.
Now as a result of using Quality Printers & Cartridges we always have a spare cartridge for our printer and they have all of our information on record to make it easy to order replacements.

OPS Group
Ryan Witney
Spare Parts Manager

We switched to Quality Printers & Cartridges earlier this year when we learned of their recycling program and their award winning business. We had been using another supplier, which had been fine for many years, but all they did was send out the cartridges when we ordered them.
Lisa and the team at Quality Printers & Cartridges go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect and the personal touch of their delivery driver makes it exceptional.
We have purchased a multifunction photocopier and printer from them recently, which were by far the cheapest out there. I recommend Quality Printers & Cartridges to everyone I can and will be using them for all our cartridge and print supplies.

Morley Chiropractic Clinic
Elly Tatonett

Prior to using Quality Printers & Cartridges the previous suppliers were not very prompt and they were more expensive.
Our major concern was that we didn't receive our cartridges on time.
Now as a result of using Quality Printers & Cartridges we receive great service and our cartridges are delivered on time. Its always a good experience dealing with Quality Printers & Cartridges .

Total Green Recycling
James Coghill

Prior to using Quality Printers & Cartridges getting our ink and toner was such a hassle. Our major concern was that we had to go down to the shops to pick up new cartridges.
Now as a result of using Quality Printers & Cartridges It is quick and easy to get our cartridges delivered to site at a faction of the cost of what we would be paying anywhere else.
Quality Printers & Cartridges have excellent customer relations. They even gave me a bottle of wine on my birthday!

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